Great experience as always! Instructor was excellent. Great demo, and he was great at explaining basics and tips for working with watercolor. I am a beginner with watercolor, tried once before only to get frustrated. But with his class, I felt good and his tips were so important! I feel confident in playing with watercolor more now! Thank you Jon! Love for him to do more – especially 2D style BGs.

Heidi F.Watercolor for Background Design

Pete Michels has tremendous tips for Storyboard Pro that anyone from a beginner to a seasoned pro can benefit from. Everyone in production should take this to learn how to be more efficient in the production pipeline!

Santosh O.Storyboard Pro Advanced Topics: Techniques and Tools

The instructor [Melissa Graziano] is fantastic. I’ve taken many classes with her, and she has a natural ability to take very complex systems and teach them in a very clear and well organized way.

Hal N.Harmony Advanced Topics: Compositing 1

Really appreciated Melissa she brought in actual work related scenes and went over what to expect on an actual job so I was super informative. Melissa has a lot of knowledge and is happy to share so it was a wonderful learning experience!

Angelo DToon Boom Harmony - Animation Retakes

Very insightful class on how design drives art in animation. The color theory lessons have dramatically changed how I paint. I understand much more of what I’m seeing now.

Alison KDesigning for Animation

As a 2D animator, I’m always looking to expand my versatility with other skills. This storyboarding class was just the thing to fill in the gaps in my own knowledge and experience.

Matt WStoryboarding 1

This was a fun class that taught me a lot of tips and tricks in Photoshop!

George YPhotoshop Advanced Topics

I am so grateful I took this class – even having been in the industry for a few years now and coming into it with my own knowledge and perspective, I still learned a lot! Peter covered so many topics in a very clear, concise and engaging way, coupled with his demonstrations. I also really appreciated the wealth of materials he sent us off with to keep and reference later on our own time – I consider that sort of preparation invaluable!

Tara HBackground Layout and Painting

This class was so helpful in understanding what to do and what not to do when developing a pitch! I loved hearing everyone’s pitches and their different storytelling styles and humor in the last class!

Christine LPitching An Animated Story

This class was so incredibly insightful and helpful for me understanding the hows and whys of this often perplexing business!

Kate MThe Business of Animation

I had a great learning experience attending the After Effects for Animation class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to switch gears to attend to individual needs without losing sight of the curriculum. The lesson was well thought out and easy to follow. I picked up a number of useful tips. Highly recommended.

HVDAfter Effects for Animation

This EIDO class contained so much useful information on how to use the program in greater depth! The instructor was friendly but all-pro. Perfect size for a class. LOVED it.

Susan BToon Boom Advanced Storboard Pro Topics

I think the course was great and if I absolutely had to change something, I would try to enhance what was offered, by creating some, possibly just a few more visuals to illustrate the concepts. This way it might create additional lighter moments within the wealth of dense information presented. I do feel the course was wonderful as it was and only wish to convey that maybe could be spaced slightly different with so much covered in two sessions.

John P.Introduction to the Art of Storytelling

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but got so much more out of the course than I could’ve anticipated! Amazing demo, diverse range of topics discussed, strong and relevant examples provided, and a very skilled, personable instructor. It’s incredible how much I learned in just 3 hours online!

Kathleen M.A CINEMATIC LOOK: Theatrical Lighting in Entertainment

A crash course into Unity is perfect. I got a quick intro to basic usage and potential of the software. If you want to get a quick intro to the software this is a great way to spend a few hours.

Erik E.Unity 101

Ron Lemen’s intro class is a great first step and low-pressure environment to pick up the necessary tools to navigate and model in 3D – he provides two different activities that allow a comprehensive understanding into the basics of modeling and texturing.

Amy C.Modeling with Blender

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