About Us

About Eido

Seeing an ever-increasing need for continuing education in our highly-technical society and realizing the value of our unique combination of experience and know-how, Eido was founded to be the conduit between individuals and organizations in need of training and the right education solution.

Our Team

Our executive team has a successfully pioneered multiple training programs for working professionals and aspiring individuals. Ground-breaking programs instituted by our founders include Hollywood Hands-On, Digital Media Institute, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, IDEAS at LA Valley College, the Computer Media Salons and the Annual Women in Technology Workshops in the Advanced Technology Program at the American Film Institute, and training programs for multiple IATSE guilds. Our experience also includes application for, awarding of and administration of multiple State and Federal programs for retraining of incumbent workers within the entertainment production arenas.

Casey Bernay


Casey Bernay is a dedicated educator who has spent over 25 years creating programs that help adults get the skills they need to succeed in their careers. Having worked in entertainment production herself as a Make-up Artist, Assistant Director for film and TV and Comic Book Artist and serving as an artist representative and union rep for several IATSE locals, Casey has twice started and grown educational programs for production professionals who need to increase their industry skills.

Pam Hogarth


Pam Hogarth helps people and organizations make their dreams come true. With over 30 years in the world of visual effects, she has done career guidance, teaching, placement, marketing, publicity, and education. The majority of her career has been dedicated to incubating and growing educational programs geared towards helping train people for careers in entertainment production.